Delegate Amanda Batten carries thirteen bills through the House of Delegates to address constituent priorities

February 8, 2023

CONTACT: Lauren Keiser | (757) 741-8866

WILLIAMSBURG, VA – Delegate Amanda Batten (R-James City County) successfully introduced thirteen bills that passed the House of Delegates before the February 7 crossover deadline. The bills will next be heard in the Senate.

“With thirteen of my bills having passed the House, I am extremely pleased with the first half of this legislative session. I am grateful to my constituents for their role in submitting this legislation and look forward to collaborating with the Senate during the remainder of the session,” stated Delegate Batten.


HB1907 requires consumer loan providers to include as part of every loan application a question regarding whether any individual has contacted the applicant to send money in consideration of receiving money via a government or lottery organization. This decreases the likelihood of consumer exploitation by scammers.

HB1909 allows local school boards to establish opportunity classrooms in response to requests from teachers. A plan approved by either the school board or school administration must be in place to ensure proper funding, transportation, and assessments are managed for students enrolled in the opportunity classroom.

HB1910 requires any organization that sends an unrequested absentee ballot application to a registered voter to include instructions on completing and submitting the application. Additionally, the bill requires a statement that the application is not sent by any state or local government official or agency and also disallows information pre-population on the application.

HB1911 prohibits officers and employees of state and local governments in the Commonwealth from receiving a gift exceeding $100 from foreign countries of concern, including the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Republic of Cuba, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and the Syrian Arab Republic.

HB1912 clarifies that Virginia’s Tier 1 and Tier 2 universities require Treasury Board approval before entering into certain university-related foundation financing arrangements. This oversight will help avoid financial risks to the universities.

HB1916 requires threat assessment teams at public institutions of higher education to obtain available criminal and health records for individuals posing a significant threat of violence, as well as notify local law enforcement, the campus police, and the local attorney of the Commonwealth within 24 hours. The threat assessment team may also invite representatives from campus to participate in individual cases. These measures will better protect our students, faculty, and staff and prevent violent incidents.

HB1918 expands access to mental health services and removes the financial burden associated with such care by requiring health insurers, health care subscription plans, and health maintenance organizations to provide coverage starting January 1, 2024, for health care services offered through audio-only telehealth. Mental health professionals can deliver these services via audio-only when other means of real-time communication are unavailable, or the patient lacks the capability to use them. 

HB1921 establishes a licensure and regulatory program for earned wage access services. These services allow employees to access the wages that they have already earned (based on the hours worked) prior to the regularly scheduled pay. This bill sets strong consumer protections for an industry currently operating in Virginia with no guardrails.

HB2223 adds the members of the board of directors of the Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority to the list of those required to file their state and local statements of economic interest annually with the Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council.

HB2225 requires each school board to provide teachers, parents, principals, and other school leaders with students’ results on any Standards of Learning assessment or Virginia Alternate Assessment Program assessment as soon as practicable after the assessment is administered.

HB2422 amends the Home Solicitation Sales Act to clarify that it does not apply to technology services that provide insurance and service agreements. These are companies that are in a customer’s home because they have been invited to make repairs on insured products or to install and activate technology systems. Such businesses are currently regulated by four other entities, and this legislation will reduce bureaucratic red tape.

HB2457 prohibits any public elementary or secondary school teacher from being required to attend training sessions more frequently than once every five years for topics such as blood-borne pathogens, seizure and seizure disorders, student conduct, and mandatory testing. The bill also allows substitute teachers to fill vacancies for up to 180 days in any school year. This provides a valuable opportunity for teachers to focus on what matters most: providing the best educational experience for students. 

HB2471 provides for the removal of general registrars from office by the circuit court when a majority of the members of the State Board of Elections or a majority of the members of the local electoral board have signed a petition for removal. If a petition is received, the Virginia Division of Risk Management will assign counsel to the defense of any affected local electoral board member or general registrar. This adds stability to registrars’ offices and to the oversight of elections.

Delegate Amanda Batten represents the existing 96th District in the Virginia House of Delegates. The 96th District includes portions of James City and York Counties. In her second term, Delegate Batten serves as the Majority Caucus Chair in the Virginia House of Delegates and is a member of the following House Committees: Education, Commerce & Energy, Public Safety, and Rules. 

In 2023, Delegate Batten will run to serve the residents of the newly-redrawn 71st District, which encompasses much of the present 96th District. The 71st District will include portions of James City and New Kent Counties and the entire City of Williamsburg.