New Laws to Make Licensing Process Smoother

July 8, 2022

The Kensington Victoria Dispatch

By Staff Report

As a result of the 2022 General Assembly session, three new laws make the licensing process smoother through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and its partner on sites by expanding commercial driver’s license (CDL) testing providers, removing the wait time and fee for retesting and extending the validity of the CDL skills test certification.

CDL testing change. DMV currently certifies government third parties to enable these organizations to conduct the CDL skills test for the applicants they employ or train on-site saving them a trip to DMV. under the new law, these certified third-party testers also will be able to test people enrolled in a CDL training course offered by a community college or those employed or trained by another government entity, such as a local school system. This change offers more options for CDL testing, particularly for high-demand school bus driver positions. (House Bill 530, patroned by Del. Amanda Batten; House Bill 1146, patroned by Del. Robert Bell; and Senate Bill 301, patroned by Sen. Creigh Deeds)…

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